Scenic Balloon Flights in the St. Louis metro area



Balloons Over The Rainbow provides Hot Air Balloon Rides in the St. Louis Missouri metro area and is locally owned and operated.

The pilots involved in Balloons Over The Rainbow each have perfect safety records, a current flight review, and are commercially rated for your safety. Nothing is more important to us than your safety and enjoyment during this once-in-a-lifetime experience. We will not compromise your safety or the quality of service we deliver.

We know you can always find someone out there cheaper, especially online, but you will not find a company more focused on your safety and the quality of your hot air ballooning experience than Balloons Over The Rainbow!


Our FAA certified commercial/instructor pilots are seasoned, professional experts in hot air balloon flight. Each Balloons Over the Rainbow pilot has an excellent FAA safety record. In keeping with FAA regulations, which hot air balloon pilots are required to do, each pilot undergoes a rigorous training program in order to earn his/her pilot license through the FAA. Each pilot must then “renew” their ratings every two years by taking a required Flight Review (exam) administered by an FAA commercial balloon pilot. We value our passengers’ safety as well as our own, and thanks to strict federal regulations, hot air ballooning is one of the safest forms of aviation today.


  • We DO NOT charge you in advance for your reservation. Others may charge non-refundable booking fees, so even if the weather cancels your flight, you are left holding the bag. We don’t believe that is right. When you book with us, you pay when you fly. Please call us at 314-402-8010 for more details so that you don’t end up paying for a flight that may get weathered out.
  • We are fully licensed and insured. All of our pilots are FAA certified commercial pilots with many, many years of experience. Our pilots are some of the safest in the industry and as a result, we are proud to say we have a perfect safety record. We can emphatically make a statement like this because we are very conservative in our flight decision making, and if the weather conditions aren’t right, we will cancel the flight. We have a very strict operations guide that all of our pilots must follow that defines what we will fly in and what we won’t. This ensures there is no ambiguity in flight decision making and ensures your safety remains our top priority in everything we do.
  • We focus on you to ensure you have the highest quality experience possible. We could be bigger, but we don’t want to lose the personal attention that it takes to deliver a World Class experience.
  • We also have an A+ rating with the BBB, are members of the Balloon Federation of America and the Professional Ride Operator Division.
  • We carry the best insurance available in the industry. If you would like to see a copy of our policy, please call us and we will gladly email you a copy of our insurance.


  • Balloons Over the Rainbow is a zero tolerance workplace. All of our pilots, crew and office staff are subject to random drug screenings.
  • We will not fly in unsafe conditions.
  • Our equipment requires a full FAA inspection annually or every 100 hours (which ever comes first) by FAA certified aircraft inspectors.
  • Before every flight our Pilot and ground crew inspect the balloon, envelope, rigging and gondola.
  • Watch us prepare for flight and you’ll see the many safety checks we make.


The air is crisp and clear, all is quiet except for the occasional sound of the burner disturbing the perfect serenity that surrounds you. You float majestically somewhere between the trees and heaven watching life drift slowly past below. You take it all in, and think just how perfect this day has become and how awesome this experience is, and you wonder, why didn’t I do this sooner??



Our most popular flight

Adults $ 185
Kids under 14 $150

  • Duration: 3 - 3.5 hours
  • Flight Time: approx. 1 hour
  • Occupancy: 12 max.
  • Champagne / Sparkling cider
  • Commemorative flight certificate


Just the two of you.

$ 800/couple

  • Duration: 3 - 3.5 hours
  • Flight Time: 45 min. - 1 hour
  • Occupancy: 2 passengers
  • Champagne / Sparkling cider
  • Commemorative flight certificate


Give the gift of flight!

Adults $ 185
Until Christmas: $185

  • Duration: 3 - 3.5 hours
  • Flight Time: 45 min. - 1 hour
  • Occupancy: 12 max.
  • Champagne / Sparkling cider
  • Commemorative flight certificate






Before you buy

All flights booked and all flight certificates are only $185!

Restrictions: vouchers cannot be combined with any other special offer or discount.

10% discount for all of those who have served in the military, fire, police or emt services

We will never forget, and are grateful for your service. The least we can do is offer anyone currently serving, or who has served a 10% discount for them and any other adults accompanying them. Discount only applies to military, police, fire and emt. You must provide proof of service in the form of a military id, dd214, a badge or id card. Should you not have this proof on flight day, the discount will have to be removed and full price of flight will be charged.

  • We require a minimum of four (4) passengers in any one balloon to fly. All flights are group flights, so you will likely be with other guests to ensure we have at least 4 people per balloon.
  • A minimum of two (2) passengers are required for any Private flight.
  • Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Children must be at least 8 years old and 50″ tall.
  • Weight limit of 250 lbs. / person or 430 lbs. / couple applies
  • Pregnant women may not fly
  • Anyone having recent surgery or broken bones may not fly.
  • Anyone having joint replacement within the past two years may not fly.
  • (We still recommend you clear any issues with your doctor prior to flying.)
  • All flights are weather dependent.
  • All passengers are required to read and sign our Passenger Release (PDF)

All flight certificates are emailed within 24 hours of order receipt. If you are unable to receive and/or print the flight certificates via email, please call us and we will mail the certificates via US Postal service. When US Postal Service delivery is requested, we will ship them within 48 hours of order receipt.


Once your reservation is completed, and you have received a confirmation from us, you are confirmed for that days flight. Your check-in time is included in the email confirmation you received. If anything changes on your end, please call us. If something changes on our end, such as weather, we will call you at the contact number you have provided. It is your responsibility to ensure we have a valid contact phone number and you are available. Please arrive at the given meeting location on time. We will leave for the launch site approximately 10 minutes after the meeting time. If you are not present, it will be considered a no-show. Please see the policy below on no-shows. If the weather changes after you check-in, and it becomes unsafe to fly, we will contact you to let you know as soon as a decision is made. We will then work with you to reschedule.


Once you purchase flight certificates, we will mail the certificates and other documents via United States Postal Service. Present the flight certificates and other paperwork to whomever you intend to give the ride to and have them contact us to schedule. Since we have no clue who you give them to, we will not contact you to schedule. It is your responsibility to make sure the recipient contacts us to schedule their ride. Please have your calendar handy so we can pick a mutually agreeable time when you contact us. If we are unable to fly the first opportunity for any reason, you can contact us to reschedule at your convenience.


All of our flight certificates are fully refundable at any time prior to check-in for your first scheduled flight. All refunds will be issued to the original purchaser in the original purchase method (Credit card purchases will be refunded via the same credit card) if possible. If not, a refund will be issued via company check. No refunds will be issued to no-shows, those that show up intoxicated or anyone who has forfeited their flight certificate for any reason covered in these policies. Additionally, no refund will be granted after one (1) year of no contact either from the time of initial sale, or for one (1) year after a cancellation of a flight. This does not mean the flight is forfeited, even if you call us after not hearing from you for more than 1 year, we will still schedule the flight and honor the certificate. It is just no longer eligible for a refund. Please note though that we dispose of all records after ten (10) years. Flight certificates are considered abandoned and are discarded after ten (10) years of no contact and are then considered forfeited.

In short, just stay in touch with us so we can get your ride accomplished. We want to fly someone for every certificate sold and will work with you however possible to make it happen, but honestly, after 10 years of not hearing from you, we are going to give up.


No-shows is anyone who failed to show up for a flight after reserving and checking in. No-shows have a substantial impact on our business. As a result of no-shows we either flew an aircraft only partially full, or we didn’t fly at all. Either way we incurred the same expense to fly whether we were able to fly you or not, therefore a no-show will result in a forfeiture of your flight fee or deposit and we will consider our obligation for that flight to be fulfilled. No refund will be possible since we incurred the cost of the flight in your absence. Please make sure to allow sufficient time for arrival at the meeting location, and call us if you are running late.


Weather is always a concern and does force cancellations and rescheduling of flights. If it clearly isn’t going to be flyable for your date and time, we will tell you when you call to check-in. If all appears well, or we aren’t sure, we will schedule the flight. If the weather changes after check-in and becomes unsafe to fly, we will call you to cancel and reschedule the flight at the next available opportunity. Please make sure we have a recent phone number to contact you. If we cancel your flight due to weather, simply call us to reschedule your flight.


If you cancel at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled flight there is no charge. If you cancel with less than the required notice, fail to call to check-in, or fail to show up the morning of your flight, we will charge the full amount to the card on file as a cancellation fee, or your flight certificate will be considered forfeited. Should we cancel for weather or safety concerns, we will call you to let you know. Even if you have already called to check-in, we will still call if anything changes. Of course, should we cancel, you will have the option of rescheduling or incurring no charges at all.


We are pleased to accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, and cash.


Are we insured?
We are insured by an American-owned, A+ rated insurance company.
What time are the balloon flights?
We meet about 30 min. before sunrise. The exact meeting time will be included with your balloon ride confirmation.
Where do we meet?
The address to our meeting location is: 2700 Ridge Point Drive, High Ridge Missouri 63049. ( Map)
Where will the balloon land?
A balloon flight is dependent on wind speed and direction. Every flight is different and our landing sites vary.
What should I wear?
Ballooning is an outdoor sport activity, so you should wear whatever you feel comfortable in and the type of clothing that you would expect to wear for a walk in the countryside on the day you fly. For women, climbing into the gondola will be very awkward in a dress or skirt. It is strongly recommended that all shoes worn should have flat soles. Please do not wear flip-flops or open-toed shoes.
Can I take a camera?
Absolutely, there is always plenty to photograph both prior to the flight, during and afterwards. You may bring a video camera also. We recommend that you have a suitable soft case, including carry strap, with you to stow and protect the camera during the landing. Bring extra memory cards and batteries. Panoramic cameras are nice for scenery.


You will hear all kinds of crazy things when you start shopping for a balloon ride. Some of the things we hear that are shared with potential guests are just completely wrong, some are bold faced lies, and some of the stuff is just downright comical. Our view has always been that part of our responsibility is to educate anyone who is looking for a balloon ride, and help them make an educated and informed decision on who to fly with, even if they don’t in the end choose us.


Fact: All balloon ride companies are required to have F.A.A. certified commercial pilots in order to fly passengers for hire, It’s the law.

Fact: All balloons are inspected annually or every 100 hours, whichever comes first to the exact same safety and maintenance standards as a brand new aircraft, regardless of the age of the aircraft, It’s the law.

  1. Make sure the company you are speaking with actually owns and operates their own balloons and isn’t just a certificate reseller. There are MANY scams out there on the internet that will sell you a flight certificate they never intend to honor just to get your money. We have always owned and operated our own fleet of balloons and do not honor any 3rd party flight certificates.
  2. Assuming they own their own aircraft as mentioned in item 1, and if you are buying a flight certificate, always ask if it is refundable, transferable, and if it has an expiration date! Our flight certificates do not expire, and are refundable up to your first scheduled flight date or one year from purchase.
  3. If the company you are researching charges non-refundable booking fees, or requires you to pay a portion of the flight up front as the only option for booking with them, we urge extreme caution. While it is customary to get a credit card number to hold/confirm a reservation in case of someone not showing up, it is not customary to require a non-refundable booking fee or to pre-charge for the entire flight as the only option for booking a reservation. While we do sell flight certificates to be used at a later date, we do NOT charge any booking fees or charge up front for reservations. You should not be required to prepay to make a reservation.
  4. What are their policies for rescheduling and cancellations due to weather? Mother nature never listens, we all know that. We DO NOT charge in advance for reservations. If we are canceled due to weather, you can either reschedule or incur no charges at all. Our check-in and no-show policies do apply though, so read through those.



Flight Vouchers make the perfect birthday, Christmas, anniversary, wedding, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, graduation or Valentine gift. They are emailed within 24 hours, and are fully refundable at any time prior to check-in for your first scheduled flight.


Don't take our word for it. Read what others have to say!
  • Incredible Experience!

    This was an absolutely incredible experience! The views were breathtaking! It is something we will always remember doing and would definitely be interested in doing again. The pilot and crew was knowledgeable and really friendly! Highly recommend this to anyone!

    Mellissa H.
    St Louis, MO
  • Fantastic!

    This was a fantastic experience. Everything about this was great, from making the reservations to final moment. This company is so professional and they make the ride so enjoyable, answering all of your questions, giving you interesting little tidbits about the area. I would highly recommend this company. It was just a fantastic experience.

    Larry B.
    Rolla, MO
  • Grandma’s Bucket list!

    This company is terrific. We took my 95 year old mother on this flight as part of her bucket list and she loved it. There was five of us total. They assisted her in getting into the basket and showed us all a great time. Very knowledgable pilot. Saw the balloon being inflated and deflated (very interesting). Would highly recommend this company.

    IF Hoops


We meet our passengers at: 2700 Ridge Point Drive, High Ridge Missouri 63049


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    Join us in our other scenic locations:


    We do require a credit card for booking. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.