Purchase Flight Vouchers

*If you're making a last minute / next day reservation, or have a flight certificate to redeem, please call our office: 314-402-8010 to schedule your flight.

If you have any problems, questions, or would rather book by telephone, please call 314-402-8010. A customer service representative would be happy to assist.

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Passenger Limitations

For the safety of all our passengers we enforce the following flight restrictions:

  • All passengers must be 6 years of age or older. Age 6-18 requires parent or guardian to fly.
  • Maximum weight per passenger cannot exceed 280lbs / 127 Kilograms / 20 stone.
  • Passengers may be asked to be weighed for accuracy at check-in.
  • It is strongly recommended that someone in the party be able to communicate in English.

  • Passengers with the following conditions cannot fly:

  • Expectant Mothers.
  • Back, Neck, Knee, Hip, Joint, Bone, Osteoporosis or Similar Physical issues within 2 years.
  • Inability to walk unassisted or stand for one hour unassisted.
  • Canes / Walkers / Wheel chairs / Scooters not permitted.
  • Recent Surgeries or Other Conditions that may be aggravated during flight and landing.

  • We want everybody to be able to fly, but to do so safely. If there is anything you think we should know, or you are unsure of prior to your flight date, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss.

    Flight Requirements

  • All flights are weather dependent.
  • The Pilot in Command may cancel the flight, or deny a flight for any passenger for any reason and they are the final authority on all flight and passenger related decisions.
  • All Private flights require a minimum of 2 passengers to fly
  • All non private flights require a mimumum of 4 passengers to fly. As a result, you will be with other guests on all non private flights
  • All passengers are required to read and sign our passenger release prior to flight. Click here to review our passenger release document.
  • Accessibility and service animals

    Unfortunately none of our aircraft are considered handicapped accessible. They are unable to accommodate wheel chairs and do not have doors to allow for access other than climbing over the sidewall of the basket. There is also no way for the aircraft to be modified to be made handicapped accessible. Additionally, we love animals and want them to be safe and protected. This unfortunately means that we do not allow service animals onboard or around the aircraft. Hot Air Balloon burners are loud and will scare many animals. It is simply not safe or prudent to allow a service animal in or around the aircraft.

    Flight Certificate Delivery

    All flight certificates are emailed within 24 hours of order receipt. If you are unable to receive and/or print the flight certificates via email, please call us and we will mail the certificates via US Postal service. When US Postal Service delivery is requested, we will ship them within 48 hours of order receipt.

    Scheduling Flight Certificates given as gifts

    Simply present the flight certificates and other paperwork to whomever you intend to give the ride, and have them contact us to schedule, or they may schedule on our website using the codes on the flight vouchers. Since we will not know to whom they have been given, we will not contact you to schedule. It is your responsibility to make sure the recipient contacts us to schedule their ride. Please ask the recipient to have a calendar handy when calling so we can pick a mutually agreeable time. If we are unable to fly the first opportunity for any reason, they can contact us to reschedule at their convenience.  Flight Certificates issued by us do not expire unless they are forfeited or were donated by us for a charitable donation.  Any charitable donation certificates will expire 1 year after the issue if no expiration date is on the certificate.

     Meeting Information

    Please plan on meeting at the time on your reservation. For morning flights, we ask that you call us the evening before your flight to check-in by 6:00 PM. For afternoon flights, we ask that you call us by noon the day of your flight. (314) 402-8010. We will be able to give you any last minute changes to your meet time (if any) when you call.

    We will meet in the Walmart Parking Lot at the west end of the parking lot away from the main entrance. The address is 2700 Ridge Point Drive, High Ridge Missouri 63049. Click here for a google map to the location.

    No-Show Policy

    A "No-show" is anyone who fails to show up for a flight after scheduling a flight. No-shows have a substantial impact on our business. As a result of no-shows we either flew an aircraft only partially full, or we didn't fly at all. Either way we incurred the same expense to fly whether we were able to fly you or not, therefore a no-show will result in a forfeiture of your flight fee, certificate, voucher or deposit and we will consider our obligation for that flight to be fulfilled. No refund will be possible since we incurred the cost of the flight in your absence. Please make sure to allow sufficient time for arrival at the meeting location, and call us if you are running late. If you are using a third party certificate of any type to pay for your flight, that voucher will be redeemed and considered used and you will not be entitled to a refund from that third party agency.  Should you manage to get a refund from them, we will charge the card you provided us at scheduling for your flight fee. There are no exceptions to this policy under any circumstances.

    Weather Cancellation Policy

    Weather is always a concern and does force cancellations and rescheduling of flights. If it clearly isn't going to be safe to fly on your date and time, the flight status line will announce this as soon as the decision is made before the flight.  Please call us the next business day to reschedule your adventure. If the flight is on, we will provide specific meeting times and locations for the morning's adventure.  If the weather forecast isn't clear for the next morning, we will place the flight on a weather hold and ask everyone to call about 1 hour before the morning's expected meeting time to get an updated forecast.  At that time we will let you know for sure if the flight is on. If we must cancel your flight due to weather, simply call us to reschedule your flight.  If you are unable to reschedule, and you paid us directly for your flight, please call us for your options.

    Cancellation Policy

    If you cancel at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled flight, there is no penalty and you may reschedule. If you cancel with less than the required notice, or fail to show up the morning of your flight, we will charge the full amount to the card on file as a cancellation fee, or your flight certificate, voucher or prepayment will be considered forfeit and you will not be allowed to reschedule that reservation. No credit will be given in any way for cancelling with less than the required notice or for no-shows.

    Refund Policy

    All flight certificates and prepaid flights purchased directly from Balloons Over the Rainbow are fully refundable within one (1) year from the date of purchase as long as either no flight has been scheduled, or you cancel your first scheduled flight at least 48 hours prior to flight time. All refunds will be issued to the original purchaser in the original purchase method (credit card purchases will be refunded via the same credit card) if possible. If not, a refund will be issued via company check. No refunds will be issued to no-shows, those that show up intoxicated, or anyone whose flight certificate, flight, or voucher has been forfeited for any reason. No refund will be granted after one (1) year from sale. Even if the certificate is not refundable, as long as it hasn't been forfeited or used, it can still be used.  There are no exceptions to this policy.

    If you are eligible for a refund, we will process the request within 7-10 business days.  If your flight was purchased through any third party, you will have to discuss any refund request with them.  We are not able to provide refunds for any third parties for any reason.

    Payment Options

    We are pleased to accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, and cash. We do not accept checks as a form of payment.